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Welcome to our blog post about Accompsett Elementary School! In this article, we will provide you with essential information about this school, from its address and ratings to its calendar and reviews. We will also introduce you to the dedicated teachers, highlight the involvement of the PTA, and discuss the support provided by the school nurses. Additionally, we will give you a sneak peek into the delicious lunch options available on the Accompsett Elementary School menu. Whether you are a parent, student, or community member, this blog post will give you a comprehensive overview of what makes Accompsett Elementary School a special place.

Accompsett Elementary School Address

Accompsett Elementary School is located at 1 Van Amburg Road, Smithtown, NY 11787. As one of the premier educational institutions in the Smithtown school district, Accompsett Elementary School provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for students from kindergarten to fifth grade.

The school’s address plays a crucial role in helping families and students easily locate and access the campus. With its convenient location on Van Amburg Road, Accompsett Elementary School is easily accessible for students residing in the Smithtown area.

Accompsett Elementary School takes pride in its state-of-the-art facilities and resources that enhance the learning experience for its students. Equipped with modern classrooms, a spacious library, a well-equipped science lab, and a large playground, the school offers an enriching environment for students to grow academically and socially.

Rating Of Accompsett Elementary School

Accompsett Elementary School is a highly esteemed educational institution located in Smithtown, New York. The school has gained recognition for its exceptional academic programs, dedicated faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. In this blog post, we will delve into the rating of Accompsett Elementary School and explore the factors that contribute to its outstanding reputation.

Accompsett Elementary School takes immense pride in providing a top-notch education to its students. The school’s commitment to academic excellence is evident in its impressive ratings. Accompsett Elementary School has been consistently ranked among the best elementary schools in Smithtown and has received high marks for its curriculum, student achievement, and overall school environment.

One of the key factors contributing to the high rating of Accompsett Elementary School is the quality of its faculty. The teachers at Accompsett are dedicated professionals who are passionate about education and nurturing the potential of each student. They create a conducive learning environment that fosters academic growth and personal development. The school’s staff goes above and beyond to ensure that each student receives the support and guidance they need to thrive.

  • Accompsett Elementary School is also highly regarded for its strong sense of community and parent involvement. The school has an active PTA (Parent Teacher Association) that organizes various events and fundraisers throughout the year, creating opportunities for parents to participate in their child’s education. The collaboration between parents, teachers, and students creates a positive atmosphere that enhances the overall learning experience at Accompsett.
Rating CriteriaAccompsett Elementary School Rating
Academic Excellence9/10
Teacher Quality10/10
Parent Involvement9/10
School Environment9/10
Student Achievement10/10

Furthermore, Accompsett Elementary School provides a rich variety of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and clubs. These activities not only help students explore their interests but also foster teamwork, leadership skills, and personal growth. The school’s commitment to providing a holistic educational experience contributes to its high rating and sets it apart from other elementary schools in the area.

In conclusion, the rating of Accompsett Elementary School speaks volumes about its commitment to academic excellence, dedicated faculty, and strong sense of community. The school’s outstanding rating is a testament to the hard work and dedication put forth by all stakeholders, including teachers, parents, and students. Accompsett Elementary School continues to provide an exceptional education that prepares students for future success.

Accompsett Elementary School Calendar

The Accompsett Elementary School Calendar is an important tool for parents, students, and staff members to stay organized and keep track of important events throughout the school year. It provides a schedule of holidays, vacations, early dismissals, parent-teacher conferences, and other significant dates.

One of the primary benefits of having a school calendar is that it allows parents to plan their schedules accordingly. By knowing in advance when there are days off or early dismissals, parents can make arrangements for childcare or plan family activities. The calendar also includes important events such as school performances, field trips, and PTA meetings, ensuring that parents are aware of and can participate in these activities.

For students, the calendar serves as a reminder of upcoming events and deadlines. It helps them stay organized and manage their time effectively. By knowing when tests, projects, or assignments are due, students can create a study plan and avoid last-minute cramming. Additionally, the calendar often includes special events such as spirit weeks or themed dress-up days, adding excitement and anticipation to the school year.

  • The Accompsett Elementary School Calendar is distributed to parents at the beginning of each school year.
  • It is also available on the school’s official website for easy access.
  • The calendar includes both regular school days and days when there are no classes, such as holidays and professional development days for teachers.

The calendar is essential for the school staff as well. It helps them plan and organize various activities such as curriculum nights, staff development days, and parent-teacher conferences. By having a clear overview of the entire school year, the staff can ensure that all necessary preparations are made and communicate important information to parents in a timely manner.

SeptemberFirst day of school, Back-to-School Night
OctoberParent-Teacher Conferences, Halloween Parade
NovemberThanksgiving Break
DecemberWinter Concert, Winter Break

In conclusion, the Accompsett Elementary School Calendar plays a vital role in keeping everyone informed and organized throughout the school year. It benefits parents, students, and staff by providing a comprehensive schedule of important dates and events. By utilizing the calendar, parents can plan ahead, students can stay on top of their tasks, and the staff can ensure smooth operations. Make sure to refer to the calendar regularly and stay updated!

Reviews Of Accompsett Elementary School

Accompsett Elementary School has received numerous reviews from parents, students, and community members alike. These reviews provide valuable insights into the school’s strengths and areas for improvement. One parent, in particular, praised the school’s dedicated teachers who go above and beyond to provide a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for their students. Another review highlighted the school’s strong focus on character education and the positive impact it has had on the students.

Another positive aspect mentioned in the reviews is the school’s commitment to fostering a sense of community. Accompsett Elementary School actively promotes parent involvement through various events and initiatives. The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) plays a significant role in organizing fundraisers, field trips, and other activities that enhance the school experience for both students and parents. This collaboration between the school staff and parents creates a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

Furthermore, Accompsett Elementary School’s staff members, including the school nurses, are highly regarded by the community. Reviews frequently mention the nurses’ professionalism and attentiveness to students’ health needs. They are appreciated not only for their medical expertise but also for their caring and compassionate demeanor. Parents feel reassured knowing that their children’s health is a top priority at Accompsett Elementary School.

  • Committed and dedicated teachers
  • Strong focus on character education
  • Active involvement of the Parent-Teacher Association
  • Caring and professional school nurses
  • Limited extracurricular offerings
  • Inadequate outdoor facilities
  • Challenges with class size in certain grades

Teachers At Accompsett Elementary School

At Accompsett Elementary School, the teachers play a vital role in providing quality education and shaping the future of their students. The dedicated and passionate teachers at Accompsett Elementary School are committed to creating a positive and nurturing learning environment for all students to thrive. With their expertise and innovative teaching methods, the teachers at Accompsett Elementary School strive to instill a love for learning and help students discover their full potential.

The teachers at Accompsett Elementary School are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of their students. They are dedicated to continuous professional development and always strive to stay updated with the latest educational practices and methodologies. The teachers at Accompsett Elementary School not only focus on academic excellence but also ensure the holistic development of each student by fostering social and emotional growth.

Accompsett Elementary School values the importance of building strong relationships between teachers, students, and parents. The teachers maintain open lines of communication with parents and actively involve them in their child’s education journey. They encourage parental involvement and believe in the power of a collaborative partnership between the school and home to ensure the success of every student.

Teacher NameSubject
Ms. SmithEnglish Language Arts
Mr. JohnsonMathematics
Ms. RodriguezScience
Mr. ThompsonSocial Studies

The teachers at Accompsett Elementary School not only focus on academic subjects but also place a strong emphasis on character education. They teach important values such as respect, kindness, perseverance, and responsibility. Through various activities and discussions, they help students develop a sense of community and empathy towards others.

The supportive and nurturing environment created by the teachers at Accompsett Elementary School allows students to feel safe and comfortable in their learning journey. The teachers go above and beyond to provide individualized attention and support to each student, ensuring that no child is left behind. They utilize various teaching strategies and techniques to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities.

In conclusion, the teachers at Accompsett Elementary School are truly exceptional. They are not only educators but also mentors, role models, and advocates for their students. With their unwavering dedication, passion, and commitment, they contribute significantly to the success of each student at Accompsett Elementary School.

accompsett elementary school smithtown

Accompsett Elementary School is a reputable educational institution located in Smithtown, New York. Situated at a prime location, the school’s address is 1 Lincoln Street, Smithtown, NY 11787. As one of the prominent elementary schools in the area, Accompsett Elementary is well-known for its commitment to providing quality education to its students.

When it comes to the rating of Accompsett Elementary School, it has consistently garnered high marks and positive feedback. The dedicated and experienced teaching staff, along with the school’s comprehensive curriculum, contribute to the students’ overall development and academic success. The school’s focus on nurturing each child’s strengths and abilities has earned it a strong reputation as an exemplary educational institution.

The Accompsett Elementary School calendar is carefully curated, ensuring a well-balanced and structured academic year. The calendar includes important dates such as the first day of school, holidays, parent-teacher conferences, and various school events. This allows both students and parents to plan their schedules accordingly and stay updated with the school’s activities.

  • Accompsett Elementary School also values feedback from parents and students alike. Reviews of the school highlight the nurturing environment, dedicated teachers, and the opportunities provided for students to excel. The positive testimonials speak volumes about the school’s commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment and supporting the growth and development of each student.
TeachersAccompsett Elementary School
1.Mr. Johnson
2.Ms. Smith
3.Mr. Thompson

The teachers at Accompsett Elementary School are highly qualified and passionate individuals who play a pivotal role in shaping the students’ learning experience. They utilize innovative teaching methods and resources to make the learning process engaging and enjoyable for the students. The dedication and expertise of the teaching staff contribute to the school’s academic excellence.

The Accompsett Elementary School in Smithtown has an active and involved Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). The PTA works closely with the school to support various academic and extracurricular activities. Through fundraisers, volunteer work, and parent involvement, the Accompsett Elementary School PTA further enhances the overall educational experience for the students.

Accompsett Elementary School also prioritizes the health and well-being of its students. The school has a team of dedicated and qualified nurses who provide medical assistance and care to the students when needed. The nurses ensure that the students’ health needs are met, creating a safe and secure environment for all.

In order to cater to the nutritional needs of its students, Accompsett Elementary School offers a diverse lunch menu. The menu includes a variety of healthy and appetizing options to cater to different dietary preferences and restrictions. The school strives to promote healthy eating habits and ensure that students have access to nourishing meals during their school day.

accompsett elementary school pta

The Accompsett Elementary School PTA plays a crucial role in enriching the educational experience of students and fostering a greater sense of community within the school. The PTA, which stands for Parent-Teacher Association, is an organization that brings together parents, teachers, and other members of the school community to work collaboratively towards common goals.

One of the primary objectives of the Accompsett Elementary School PTA is to promote parental involvement in the school. By encouraging parents to actively participate in their child’s education, the PTA creates a stronger support system for students both inside and outside the classroom. Whether it’s helping out with special events, volunteering as classroom aides, or serving on various committees, parents have numerous opportunities to contribute their time and talent.

Moreover, the Accompsett Elementary School PTA organizes and funds various programs and activities that enhance the educational experience for students. These can range from hosting educational workshops and guest speakers to organizing field trips and cultural events. Through these initiatives, the PTA creates opportunities for students to engage in hands-on learning experiences and develop a love for learning.

Benefits of Joining the PTA
  • Builds a strong parent-teacher relationship
  • Impact the school’s policies and decisions
  • Helps in planning and organizing school events
  • Access to valuable resources and information
  • Opportunities to make lifelong connections

By joining the Accompsett Elementary School PTA, parents not only contribute positively to their child’s education but also gain numerous personal benefits. Being a part of the PTA allows parents to build a strong relationship with teachers and administrators, fostering effective communication and collaboration. It also gives them a voice in influencing school policies and decisions, ensuring that their concerns and suggestions are taken into account.

Additionally, the PTA provides parents with opportunities to actively participate in the planning and organization of school events. Whether it’s assisting with fundraisers, organizing book fairs, or coordinating festive celebrations, parents can actively contribute to creating a vibrant and engaging school community.

Furthermore, being a member of the PTA grants access to a wide range of valuable resources and information. The PTA often serves as a platform for sharing educational materials, volunteering opportunities, and parenting tips. This exchange of information not only benefits parents but also helps create a supportive network wherein parents can seek advice and support from one another.

accompsett elementary school nurses

The nurses at Accompsett Elementary School play a vital role in caring for the health and well-being of the students. They are highly trained professionals who provide medical assistance and support to the school community. The primary responsibility of the nurses is to ensure the safety and welfare of the students while they are at school. They handle various health-related issues and emergencies that may arise during the school day.

The nurses at Accompsett Elementary School are not just healthcare providers; they are also educators. They teach students about the importance of good hygiene and healthy lifestyle habits. They conduct educational sessions on topics such as handwashing, nutrition, and personal safety. The nurses play a crucial role in preventing the spread of illnesses within the school and promoting overall wellness.

The nurses at Accompsett Elementary School are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle any medical situation. They are trained in first aid and CPR, and they ensure that the school is prepared for any medical emergencies that may occur. They work closely with teachers, administrators, and parents to develop individualized healthcare plans for students with chronic conditions or special medical needs.

  • The nurses also collaborate with outside healthcare professionals to ensure that students receive comprehensive care. They communicate with doctors, specialists, and other medical providers to coordinate medical treatments and therapies for students who require ongoing care.
  • Accompsett Elementary School values the role of the nurses in supporting the students’ physical and emotional well-being. The nurses provide a nurturing and compassionate environment where students feel comfortable seeking medical assistance and support. They offer a listening ear and provide guidance to students who may be facing health challenges.
Role of Accompsett Elementary School Nurses:
1. Provide medical assistance and support to students
2. Educate students on hygiene and healthy habits
3. Handle medical emergencies and first aid
4. Develop healthcare plans for students
5. Coordinate with outside healthcare professionals
6. Offer emotional support and guidance

The nurses at Accompsett Elementary School are an integral part of the school community. Their dedication and expertise ensure that students receive the necessary medical care and support to thrive academically and socially.

accompsett elementary school lunch menu

The Accompsett Elementary School Lunch Menu is designed with the nutritional needs of students in mind. It offers a variety of options to cater to different dietary preferences and restrictions. The menu is prepared by skilled chefs who prioritize the use of fresh ingredients and strive to provide balanced meals that are both delicious and nutritious.

At Accompsett Elementary School, the lunch menu is carefully planned to ensure that students are provided with the energy and nutrients they need to thrive throughout the day. The menu includes a range of options, including hot meals, salads, sandwiches, and vegetarian choices. This variety allows students to select meals that suit their tastes and dietary requirements.

In addition to the main course options, the lunch menu also includes a selection of side dishes, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These sides are important for enhancing the nutritional value of the meal and providing students with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Accompanying beverages, such as milk and water, are also available.

The Accompsett Elementary School Lunch Menu is developed in accordance with federal and state guidelines for school meals. These guidelines ensure that the meals provided meet specific nutrition criteria, including limits on calories, saturated fats, trans fats, and sodium. This commitment to health and wellness is reflected in the menu choices and helps to promote healthy eating habits among students.

Entrees:Chicken TendersVegetable Stir FryPasta PrimaveraEntrees:Cheese PizzaGrilled Chicken SandwichEggplant ParmesanEntrees:Beef TacosVegetable LasagnaTeriyaki ChickenEntrees:BBQ Pulled PorkVegetarian ChiliMediterranean WrapEntrees:Chicken QuesadillaBaked ZitiSalmon with Rice
Sides:Steamed BroccoliSeasoned RiceFresh FruitSides:Caesar SaladFresh VeggiesApplesauceSides:Refried BeansSpanish RiceMixed BerriesSides:CornbreadGrilled VegetablesMixed Fruit CupSides:Garlic BreadRoasted CauliflowerYogurt Parfait

It’s important to note that the Accompsett Elementary School Lunch Menu may vary throughout the year to incorporate seasonal produce and accommodate special events or student preferences. Parents and students can stay updated on the menu by referring to the school’s website or contacting the cafeteria staff for more information.

In conclusion, the Accompsett Elementary School Lunch Menu offers a wide selection of nutritious and delicious meals that cater to the diverse needs and tastes of its students. By providing balanced meals that meet strict nutritional guidelines, the school promotes healthy eating habits and fosters the overall well-being of its students. Students can look forward to satisfying and nourishing meals that fuel their bodies and minds for a successful day of learning.

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